Vicsuper Enterprise Agreement

All Melbourne-based employees who have been working for more than 12 months can apply for an annual Commuter myki club at a reduced cost with 14-day wage deductions. We make mandatory employer contributions (currently 9.5% of your salary) into your designated pension fund or VicSuper standard sector fund. You can also add additional contributions to your superannuation before or after the tax has been deducted. We encourage healthy work practices and lifestyles, which is reflected in our extraordinary Occupational Health and Health Check (OH-S). As part of our proactive approach, we propose: we offer competitive salaries, with most employees eligible for additional annual progression payments through their PPPs. Staff conditions, including pay rates, are included in the 2020 state-owned enterprise contract, which is currently Victorian. We also meet national standards for fair employment. Our staff runs Social Club organizes regular activities such as multicultural lunch and trivia nights. Members` contributions to the 14-day wage deduction are minimal. Options include flexible hours and purchased vacations, as well as various health and wellness initiatives.

Staff can benefit from reduced health insurance via HCF. We understand the value of work-life balance and staff development, as they generate motivation, commitment and increased productivity. Diversity in the workplace means recognizing, respecting and appreciating the rich and varied qualities that people bring to the National Tax Office. We also have an obligation to prevent any form of harassment or discrimination. Our equal opportunity policy fosters an environment in which all employees can work without any intrusive or offensive practices and in which the rights of every person are respected. We encourage open and honest communication and innovation, supported by annual performance development and progression plans (PDPPs). In addition, we value individual and team performance through a monthly reward and recognition program.

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