Sample Volunteer Agreement And Code Of Conduct

The representation of ELI volunteers is advised not to speak to organizations or individuals on behalf of the ELI Project, unless explicit written instructions are given to them. Before any action or declaration that could significantly affect or obligy the ELI volunteers, they should seek prior consultation and authorization from the appropriate staff. These measures may include public statements to the press, coalition or lobbying activities with other organizations or agreements with contractual or other obligations, but are not limited to that. You can end your volunteer activities with ELI Project if you have completed a voluntary commitment or are not currently involved in a task. If you opt out of our list of active volunteers, we would love to be able to interview you in person, by phone or by email. The dismissal of a volunteer who does not comply with this code of conduct or who does not perform his voluntary service satisfactorily is dismissed. A volunteer is only dismissed when the volunteer has had the opportunity to discuss the reasons for a possible dismissal. Possible grounds for dismissal may include gross misconduct or subordination, theft of property or misuse of PROJECT ELI equipment, abuse or abuse of clients, staff or other volunteers, non-compliance with policies and procedures, and non-performance of assigned tasks. Definition of “volunteer” A “volunteer” is anyone who, without compensation or expectation of compensation, fulfills, beyond reimbursement, a mission to support the objectives and objectives of the ELI project.

Volunteers are not considered “collaborators” of the ELI project. The minimum age for volunteering in ELI Project depends on the nature of the event and is listed on the event page. Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Volunteers are expected to understand the risks of volunteering. In addition, volunteers waive all claims against ELI Project, its executives, directors, collaborators, sponsors, representatives and volunteers who are responsible for illness, bodily harm, property damage or wrongdoing that may result from participating in the ELI Project volunteer program, compensated and unharmed. Volunteers under the age of 18 Volunteers under the age of 18 must have completed their registration by a parent or legal guardian to volunteer in the ELI project. In addition, a parent or legal guardian must co-ordate these codes of conduct. Parents are encouraged to call OR receive them via email if you receive questions or comments about our program. The service at the discretion of the ELI Project accepts the service of all volunteers, understanding that such a service is at the sole discretion of the organization.

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