Cash App Card Holder Agreement

This prepaid tender agreement (this agreement) is an agreement between you and Sutton Bank, a member of the FDIC (the “Bank”), and describes the terms of the prepaid cash app program (the “program”). However, this agreement does not complement Square`s terms of use. In the event of an inconsistency between this agreement and the square terms of service, this agreement governs and controls your account, the use of the card and your relationship with the bank. “card” refers to the Visa cash app® the prepaid card that allows you to receive money from your cash application to the card account (see add credits to your card account). The card is a virtual card that is represented by a 16-digit account number and a physical card with the same 16-digit number if you want to get the physical card (see getting a physical card). By accepting and using the card, you agree to the terms of this Agreement and square`s Terms of Use between you and Square Inc. (“Square”). “card account,” the bank-managed records for each card to demonstrate the transactions initiated by the card. “Cash App” refers to the “Cash App” in the sense of the Square Terms of Service. Square Terms of Service refers to the terms of use to participate in the cash application program

“you” and “you” means the person who receives a card and has the right to use a card in accordance with this Agreement. “We,” “we” and “our” means the bank and its successors, affiliates and agents. Wholesale terms that are used here and are not defined must have the meanings assigned to them in the Square Terms of Service. Please read this agreement carefully and keep it for future reference. THIS AGREEMENT INCLUDES, AMONG OTHER THINGS, AN ARBITRATION PROVISION CONTAINING A CLASS ACTION WAIVER AND YOUR AUTHORIZATION FOR THE PAYMENT VIRTUAL CARD (AS DEFINED BELOW) TO BE CHARGED FOR ALL FEES ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROGRAM. TO THIS AGREEMENT. BY ACTIVATING YOUR VIRTUAL CARD OR PARTICIPATORY IN THE PROGRAM IN ANY WAY, YOU ARE ABLE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT AND BECOME UNDER THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND SQUARE`S PRIVACY POLICY. PLEASE VISIT (THE “SQUARE WEBSITE”) TO SEE, IMPRIMER AND ENREGISTRER THE PRESENT ACCORD AND PLEASE visit TO SEE, IMPRIMER AND RECORD OUR PRIVACY POLICY. If your credit card account number changes or your credit card expiry date changes, we can get this information from our financial services partner and update your account accordingly. The cash card is a prepaid card that can be used to make purchases from a reseller with all the amounts available in your cash app once you have activated the service.

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