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Custody Of Child Agreement Pakistan

The miner`s mother is considered the cradle of God on earth, which is why, in most cases, she is entrusted with the custody of the minors. Especially where minors sow babies. Most of the time, custody of minor children in Pakistan belongs to the mother, while in some cases, the custody of minor children or children is entrusted to the father. Most of the time, the guardianship of property and marriage belongs to the father, but this is not always the case. The guardian should have a good moral character. The approach of the Pakistani courts to the character of the guardian is that mere accusations of improbity or ill character are not enough to disqualify the mother from detention. In Munawwar Bibi against Muhammad Amin, the mother applied for custody of her children and the father accused her of having a bad temper, arguing that she was not entitled to custody. The husband filed with his brother-in-law a case of Zina (unauthorized sexual intercourse) against the wife. The mother was acquitted by the court and the husband appealed the acquittal. The mother prayed that the father of her children had filed Zina`s complaint against her to deprive her of custody. In the decision on custody of the children, the court of justice did not give custody of the mother because of her bad character, while nothing has yet been proven.

The Court of Appeal accepted the mother`s claim and gave her custody. In the appeal, the High Court reinstated the court order and ceded custody to the father due to the mother`s ill-nature and inability to maintain the children. In deciding on custody of the children, the Supreme Court ruled that the mother`s acquittal proves her innocence and that the fact that an appeal is filed does not destroy the presumption of innocence. With regard to alimony, the Supreme Court has made it an obligation of the father so that custody of the mother cannot be withdrawn because she is unable to maintain her children. With regard to the choice of minor, the approach of the courts is not uniform. In some cases, the courts have asked for the minor`s preference when he or she is old enough to make a choice. At Hanafi School, a minor does not have the right to vote, but in some cases the courts deviate from this principle by taking into account the minor`s choice. Although under Islamic law, according to some opinions, a minor woman does not have the right to vote, the courts have made no difference in this regard and have also asked underage girls to be elected.

In some other cases, the courts did not ask for the minor`s choice, not deeming it important. In Abdul Razzaque against Dr. Rehana Shaheen, the Supreme Court of Karachi, he ruled that the choice of minor is a factor to be taken into consideration, but cannot be a determining factor in custody issues. In this case, custody was challenged by the grandparents against the mother. Two children aged 12 and 11 showed their reluctance to accompany their mother. The Karachi Supreme Court granted custody of the mother, finding that if a child`s choice is contrary to her well-being, the child prevails. The court also noted that children can be influenced by the elderly to make a particular choice.

Cosigner Lease Agreement In California

TransUnion SmartMove allows you to verify potential tenants and co-signers in minutes without having to keep their personal data. SmartMove provides credit information for tenants, a criminal background check for tenants, and a national eviction report so you have a more complete picture of your context. With reliable information from TransUnion, you can feel safer in your decision to accept a tenant with a co-signer. This guide explains what a co-signer is when someone can consider a co-signer when assessing an applicant, the pros and cons of a co-signer in a lease agreement, and how to verify tenants and their co-signers. RentPrep compares a co-signer to insurance if you are considering a candidate who may otherwise not meet facilities for your rental criteria. According to You Check Credit, an appropriate co-signer agreement should make the co-signer co-responsible for all of the tenant`s financial obligations, including the deposit, rent, fees and expenses related to the damages. Sign the lease or lease as soon as the co-signer meets the landlord`s requirements. The owner of the property will usually make you and the co-signer sign the same lease, but may offer a separate lease designed only for co-signers. A co-signer could help you protect your rental income while being more flexible with your rental criteria. For example, university students or younger tenants may not have had enough time to build their credit history.

There may be other circumstances, such as medical bills or unemployment, that make an otherwise good tenant risky on paper.